Service for freelance
payments worldwide

We simplify the processes for companies, help organize work with individual contractors.

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  1. Gather all contractors in one platform
  2. Transfer money all over the world
  3. Get closing documents of provided services from your contractors with one click

MadeTask will cover
all your needs if:

  • You operate under the general taxation system.

    We apply VAT thus your company can apply for VAT deduction.

  • You want to pay your individual contractors from your company's bank account.

    We become your general contractor and provide you all necessary documents.

  • You need to send payments to your contractors from other countries.

    We can help you with money transfers to most countries of the world.

  • You need to get the copyright on the work.

    MadeTask allows you to execute the exclusive rights assignment automatically.

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You’ll learn how the system works and see if it suits you

Calculate the benefit
of using MadeTask

The amount of reward to the contractor in the currency of your operating activity

Service commission (the higher the turnover, the lower the commission)


Can you deduct VAT?

Check whether you need to pay VAT or whether you can deduct it to save money
Amount under the civil agreement or upon registration in the state *

* the amount includes personal income tax and social contributions

Total amount with VAT and MadeTask commission

(VAT 0)

VAT is deductible


cheaper than the civil agreement or registration in the state

Payments made to 190+ countries globally

Get in touch with us and ask a manager for the list of geographic availability

Why do companies
choose MadeTask?

  • Best customer service 24/7

    We are always there: we process all requests and answer all questions without exception

  • Deep integration into your business

    We use API for MadeTask integration with your business solutions and make our cooperation even more convenient.

  • Prices less than other services have

    Do you already work with similar services? Contact us and we’ll offer you a better solution!