MadeTask Affiliate Program

Become a partner of our service, bring clients and earn with us! To do this, simply fill out the form below, our managers will contact you and the company you recommended. It's very simple!

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How much can I earn?

Calculation of affiliate reward

  • up to 20K €
    Customer turnover / month
    your commission
    up to 100 €
    income per month
  • from 20 to 50K €
    Customer turnover / month
    your commission
    up to 200 €
    income per month
  • from 50 to 200K €
    Customer turnover / month
    your commission
    up to 500 €
    income per month
  • from 200 to 500K €
    Customer turnover / month
    your commission
    up to 1000 €
    income per month
  • from 500K €
    Customer turnover / month
    your commission
    from 1000 € and above
    income per month

How the Madetask Affiliate Program Works

If you have any questions about the affiliate program - write to us at [email protected], we will consult you.

  • To become a partner - fill out the form below, we will contact you, sign an agreement and start cooperation. In the form, you must also indicate the referral that you plan to connect in the system for a fee.

  • The partner's commission, which is given in the table, is set for the first 6 months of cooperation, then for each client, regardless of his turnover, the partner receives 0.01% during the entire period of customer service.

  • After we help your referral to register in the service and he successfully replenishes the balance, we will notify you. Further, the customer will set tasks in the system and pay for the work of freelancers. Payment of referral remuneration will occur monthly upon payment by the customer of the work to the contractor. For example: the customer topped up the balance by 5000 euros and completed tasks for 3,000 euros per month. Next month you will receive a referral reward from the amount of 3000 euros. We will send you an affiliate report every month.

  • The basis for calculating partner remuneration is the amount that the customer (referral) set in the tasks, and the contractor accepted during the previous month.

  • You can bring any number of companies. If you have a proposal for clients and you are ready to bring them regularly, we are ready to consider individual terms of cooperation.

MadeTask will cover
all your needs if:

  • You operate under the general taxation system.

    We apply VAT thus your company can apply for VAT deduction.

  • You want to pay your individual contractors from your company's bank account.

    We become your general contractor and provide you all necessary documents.

  • You need to send payments to your contractors from other countries.

    We can help you with money transfers to most countries of the world.

  • You need to get the copyright on the work.

    MadeTask allows you to execute the exclusive rights assignment automatically.

Why do companies
choose MadeTask?

  • Best customer service 24/7

    We are always there: we process all requests and answer all questions without exception

  • Deep integration into your business

    We use API for MadeTask integration with your business solutions and make our cooperation even more convenient.

  • Prices less than other services have

    Do you already work with similar services? Contact us and we’ll offer you a better solution!